Score History Graph

One of my most notable projects at Credit Karma was building the current Score History Graph in the Mobile iOS app. Now in the app since Fall 2017 it is one of the only unchanged features in the app today in Dec 2020. 

This had been a highly requested feature that had previously been dropped due to difficulty with the data apis coming from core. This was the first feature I took on solo in the iOS team at Credit Karma. In a total of 9 weeks I delivered a complete production ready Score History Graph component following the strict code standard that we developed and used on the iOS engineering team. This was one of the first all Swift components of the app with a few other small components preceding it and some interoperability code for use with Objective-C within the app. 

I took design concepts that came with complete specifications from the UI/UX Mobile Design Team and wrote and designed the complete component from the ground up.

The architecture used a flavor of VIPERThis uses a lot of code separation and SOLID design principals and makes for extremely clean, repeatable code, that can last a long time, be easily updated, is easy to peer review and test, and is extremely consistent. Constants are only changed in a single place and variables are all injected. This makes for immutable code which is a great way to ensure a component functions as desired.

Here are some screenshots of the Score History Graph within the app.